New Car Dealer Rebates

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How to Take Maximum Advantage of New Car Dealer Rebates

The key to paying the lowest price for the new vehicle you want is learning how to take maximum advantage of the special discounts that are currently available.

It's important to note, not all new car buying incentives are applicable to every consumer. Availability and the amount of savings may vary by region, vehicle model, year, or trim level. Rebates and incentives are also offered for a limited period of time, for this reason it is vital to be aware of the most current deals out there.

Before you rush to the dealership to take advantage of the latest offer you've seen advertised, it's important to evaluate all options. Is this the best deal out in the market?. Could a similar vehicle offer more savings?. Should you choose cash-back over financing for bigger discounts?

Research up-to-date new car rebates and dealer incentive offers online before heading to the car lot. You can uncover this information quickly by requesting a free, no-obligation price quote. Not only will you find the lowest prices available in your area, but we'll provide you with a complete list of current rebates!

Start now - request a free new car price quote, then use the following foolproof steps to pay the lowest price for the new vehicle you want.

  1. Request quotes from multiple dealerships in your area.
  2. Review the rebates and incentives available to you.
  3. Negotiate the purchase price of the vehicle you want without rebate and incentives included.
  4. Once you agree on a fair price deduct current discounts.
  5. Review the offer carefully, sign and drive home knowing you just obtained maximum savings on your new car or truck!

It's that easy!