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Texas Residents Begin To Receive EV Rebates

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality approved a cash rebate program last November that can put up to $2500 into an EV buyers pocket this spring. The rebate program applies to both EVs and PHEVs, with the only stipulation being the battery must exceed 4 kilowatt-hours in size. There are other vehicle types that can be eligible including bi-fuel vehicles and natural gas powered vehicles.

Although Texas is known for Big Oil, it is also electric vehicle friendly. There are over 5,000 registered EV vehicles on the road in Texas, and a lot more will be added due to his rebate program. Utility companies operate the charging stations, so it brings a source of revenue for the local utilities. Tesla also has five Supercharger, fast charging stations in Texas with more planned for the future. These is also speculation that a Tesla plant may even end up in Texas, as it is one of four states being considered as a location for their “Gigafactory”.

So, if you have been looking to purchase a EV vehicle and currently live in Texas, now is the time. This incentive is only slated to last until August 31st, 2015. Get a new vehicle quote today from!