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EV Rebates Arrive in Texas, Except for Teslas

This week begins the EV rebate program in the great state of Texas. Texans can apply for a rebate from the state if you buy or lease a plug-in vehicle. The statewide incentive program was passed last session, but excludes cars that are not allowed to be sold in the state. And one of those automakers, Tesla, has been left out in the heat.

Since Tesla is not allowed to sell vehicles in the state, there are no Tesla dealerships in Texas, but showrooms where you can look at them. And looking is all you can do. No test drives or any information on the Model S, not even the price.

A bill was introduced to the state house floor that would have allowed Tesla to be excluded from dealer franchise laws. Since Tesla doesn’t franchise their dealerships, a Texan has to buy their Tesla from California. Unfortunately the bill died on the house floor, rumored to be killed by massive lobbying from auto dealers in the state who didn’t want the competition.

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